The Rantcor Pit #76 - The Spirit of '76

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Once upon a time there was no Star Wars.  But that would not be a condition for long!  Back in 1976, what was then known as The Star Wars was in pre-production and ultimately production...and the world had no clue what was about to happen!

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Juxtaposing the state of film, television, toys, and more in 1976 against what true fans of that Galaxy Far, Far Away have known for decades, your hosts Cole Houston and Eddie Medina discuss the year before Star Wars came out and a cultural phenomenon began.

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Joining them for this pop-culture exploration is Revenge of the Fifth's own Vic Medina.  All children during the American Bicentennial year, three lifelong Star Wars fans reminisce about their own experiences with the best that 1976 had to offer.

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Just over a year before its theatrical release, Star Wars began principle photography in Tunisia, a quiet beginning to a little movie that had few allies at 20th Century Fox and was poised to fail at the box far as anyone knew in 1976.  Enjoy this look back at the year before the year that Star Wars took over the world!

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