Hey Kids, Comics! #283 - Family Reunions: Last Son and Then Some


The boys got a bit of a late start last week due to many a difficulty, but that just means that there will be two issues in the "Family Reunions" arc in fairly short order.  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore the real first family of comics, the Superman family!

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Krypton may have been obliterated, but one child escaped to become the sole survivor of a culture light years from Earth.  Or so he thought.  As the ultimate orphan, Kal-El aka Clark Kent aka Superman created his own family dynamic wherever he could find it on his adopted world, in his past, present, and even future.

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Join your hosts in exploring just what kind of family do you wind up with when you have two sets of parents, lots of girlfriends, plenty of hometown and big city pals, and even blood relatives you thought met the same fate as countless Kryptonians!  

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