Hey Kids, Comics! #279 - No Fly Zone or: (Hard-Selling Heroes)


Welcome to a unique new issue of HKC! in which your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston explore the nature of long-running comic characters and storylines that simply would not fly today.

zola 1.jpg

Many are the stories and characters that would be hard to sell in this day and age, some of which might surprise you.  One hour is scarcely sufficient to cover such a topic, so this is likely not the last time your hosts will delve into the problematic denizens of comics.

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At intervals the publishers have corrected their errors of judgement, but for the most part the awkward ones still stand.  Part of the show looks into a few examples while shining a stark spotlight on characters that perhaps should never have graced the pages of our favorite comics.

Enjoy all of this and a few attempts at pitching such characters to a contemporary editor!

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