Hey Kids, Comics #284 - Family Reunions: Along Came a Spider


Due to unforeseen entanglements (pun intended) this issue of HKC! ran late, but has arrived "just in time".  Fans of Ol' Web-Head's early animated appearances will get the joke.  But it is no joke that Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston have returned to usher in the next-to-the-last issue of the "Family Reunions" story arc, this time exploring the Spider-Man family!

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Perhaps the most unique family dynamic of the arc thus far, Peter Parker and his alter-ego share a lot in common with other characters profiled in the family dynamic.  With a minimum of blood relatives and ever-growing circle of friends and associates (as well as alternate reality incarnations), Spidey's got quite a family thing going!

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The advent of the Spider-Verse simply adds to the diverse mix of "Spider-Folks" that have come to populate the life and work of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as you will discover in this overview of a family that grows like a well-woven spider's web!

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