Hey Kids, Comics! #285 - Family Reunions: We Are Family

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Yet again things at the JCU are running behind schedule, so there has been a delay getting the final chapter of “Family Reunions” into play here. Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are back in the saddle and catching up on the end of this arc and a couple of upcoming shows to post this week.

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Closing out this arc, your hosts take a look at one of the oldest families in comics, the Captain Marvel Family. With a Shazam! movie on the horizon, this is the issue of this arc that actually inspired the entire thing. Fawcett Publications’ most popular comic book, which once outsold Superman, gave the world a unique family of characters who share an association with a weird old magic guy down in the catacombs of the city that bears the company’s name.

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From shared powers to bizarre villains to anthropomorphic animals, this is the most whimsical, if often eyebrow raising, family in the arc. It won’t take an anagram of mythic proportions to enjoy this episode, so just enjoy the tale of an orphan boy who’s family kept on growing after he became a hero.

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