Hey Kids, Comics! #305 - Under the Influence

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The latest issue is here…if a touch later than hoped.

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This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston go all in with a look at M. Night Shymalan’s epic trilogy - Unbreakable, Split, and Glass! With all of the ingredients for an amazing series of films, the three combined become a love letter to comic book fans everywhere.

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Rich with super-human tropes, Shymalan’s trilogy is influenced heavily not only by comic books, but by comic fandom culture. Your hosts take an in-depth look at how one film became three over nearly two decades and delivered one of the most satisfying movie series ever!

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Enjoy this look at a phenomenon that began in 2000 and surprised audiences in 2016. Then brought things full circle in the most amazing way earlier this year. But only if you have seen these three films as this issue is spoiler heavy!

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