Hey Kids, Comics! #306 - What Did We Just See?: Academy Reward

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Welcome to the newest HKC! story arc, “What Did We Just See?” An exploration of five current and upcoming (as of press time for this issue) movies and streaming television shows, this arc will feature lots of great guests joining Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston for lively discussions.

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This week they play host to an appropriately full house as they discuss the slice-of-life family drama known as Umbrella Academy! In all seriousness, Netflix’s adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics favorite is delved into from every angle with the help of DeNae Cortez (Wonder Twin Powers Activate Show) and Rick Gutierrez (The United State of Geekdom - and Amazing Comicast back in the day).

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With this collection of fans chiming in, expect a spoiler rich episode, so you had best binge the series before joining the fun. Everyone has so much to say that one hour was scarcely sufficient, yet this group of seasoned podcasters made it happen. Discover their take on Luthor, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number 5, and Vanya (along with Sir Reginald, Pogo, Hazel, and Cha Cha) in a conversation that did not want to end!

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