Hey Kids, Comics! #309 - What Did We Just See?: Thunderstruck

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“Lightning from my hands!” - Captain Sparklefingers

Hey gang! Welcome to the latest issue (and the near-conclusion of an arc) of “Hey Kids, Comics!” This week Warner Brothers’ lighthearted super-hero offering “Shazam!” is the topic.

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Hot on the heels of Catherine Houston’s guest appearance on the show, this issue features none other than Cole’s dad, Don Houston, joining the fun with Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston! A fan of Captain Marvel (the Fawcett Publications hero introduced 27 years before Marvel Comics’ hero of the same name) in the early 40s, this film had special significance to this week’s guest.

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Get ready for an amazing adventure with one of the most enduring characters in comic book history and a look at the movie that brought fun back to DC Cinematic Universe! Please be aware that this is another SPOILER RICH edition of the show, please go see the movie before you listen to this issue.

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