Hey Kids, Comics! #308 - What Did We Just See? - Ticking Away

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It’s time again for an installment of the latest story arc for Hey Kids, Comics! And this outing is, well, super! Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston continue their spoiler rich explorations of recent comic book related television shows and movies with a look at the second season of The Tick from Amazon Prime!

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In all actuality, this issue delves into the original comic book from 1986, the cartoon, and the ill-fated Fox live-action show, essentially the precursors of Amazon’s incarnation. Catherine Houston (a.k.a. Mrs. JediCole) was the ideal guest to join your hosts, bringing a long history as a fan from the late 80s to the present.

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Share in this exploration of the well-meaning but often clueless champion of truth and justice, his trusty partner, their arch nemesis, rise in the super-human community, and the crazy cast of characters that make up a sophomore that outshines its predecessor!


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