Hey Kids, Comics #314 - Lend Me a Sinner

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Hey Kids, Comics! is back! The late Spring hiatus is behind us and Summer arrives with the latest issue of HKC! hot on its heels! As promised after “Man Plus”, your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston bring you a look at the henchmen and sidekicks of super-villains!

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If you are going to be a criminal mastermind it is important that you have some help along the way. From some local “toughs” to the really committed aiders and abetters who don themed costumes and join the idiom of a villain wholeheartedly, the henchman is commonplace in comics.

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If your caper goes afoul (or a fowl if you are Penguin), it is important to have someone to take the fall on your behalf. Busy super-villains don’t have time for the courts and prison, better to have plenty of pawns at hand to shield you from the long arm of the law. Your hosts take a good look at the wonderful world of henching in ways never explored on Venture Brothers!

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