Hey Kids, Comics! #315 - Don't Cry For Me San Diego

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Though it is about a week late popping up on the JCU site, this year’s rant from Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston about the cool exclusives from San Diego Comic Con that they will be missing out on (along with countless other fans and collectors) is here at last…in the nick of time for Comic Con and those fortunate enough to attend and drop serious bucks on the exclusives covered here and so many more!

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It has become something or a tradition for your hosts to really bear their collector’s soul and rail against the “Collection Assassin that is the SDCC exclusive. This year initially seemed devoid of much to talk about, but soon the announcements came fast and furious and Andy and Cole just became furious. About as furious as they get, anyway.

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This time they are joined by friend of the show Michael Fraley who adds his voice to the foul cries and SDCC angst. If you can’t go to the biggest comic/media show in America, at least you can join HKC! Collector misery loves company after all.

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