JediCole's Morning After - An All-Con 2012 Uncut Recording

With All-Con 2012 behind me and 2013 already in the works I am pleased to be able to share a small piece of this year's experience with those who follow my website and could not be there in person.

As mentioned in the following audio, JediCole's Morning After is a talk show that began a few years ago in an effort to bring some family friendly content to Sunday mornings at the convention.  The tradition has continued year after year and thanks to Rick from The United States of Geekdom an actual full-length recording of this show has been preserved.  While some of the show was visiual in nature, most of it translates well to just audio.  I decided to publish the show uncut, just as it was recorded to preserve the feeling of actually being there that Sunday morning as little by little an audience drug in to enjoy the show despite a long night on the part of many of those who joined us.

One part of the show is a live reading of my recurring JediCole Universe feature What Would Comic Book Villains Do?, so be sure to check out the first installment here if you'd like to see the images that were shown during the show.  Otherwise enjoy a little slice of All-Con 2012.