Hey Kids, Comics! #27 - It Came From the License Part 2: Take That, Nielsen Ratings!

Welcome to yet another great issue of Hey Kids, Comics!  "It Came From the License" continues as your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston are joined by television maven Jason Adams.  Television offers a seemingly bottomless well from comic creators and publishers can draw inspiration. from taking the characters and situations presented on a program in unique directions to literally picking up where a show left off when it was cancelled, the sky is the limit!

Now tune in to a special show all about how the licensing of television programs has not only provided comic book readers with new visions of their favorite programs.  From the most recent incarnations to the vast number of titles available in the distant past, TV had had a long relationship with print media in the form of the comic book.  And as Bill Cosby used to point out at the beginning of every episode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, "If you're not careful you just might learn something!"