Hey Kids, Comics! Live #3 - Kung Fools

It is time yet again for Hey Kids, Comics! Live, the monthly live streaming show from Deep Ellum On Air in Dallas, Texas.  If you missed the live steam today, you can check it out here in a form that is a little less live.

As a follow-up to Hey Kids, Comics! #106 (the martial arts issue), hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston were happy to have Bobby Blakey (of Whadjathink?) join them in the studio for "Round Two".

From addressing things they missed last time to sharing more real-world martial arts experiences, there was plenty to explore in comics that have a Far East flavor.  So join us for the archived edition of this great live show that really kicks some ass! 

Hey Kids, Comics! 2014-11-08 by DeepEllumOnAir