Hey Kids, Comics! #236 - The Writing on the Wall



JediCole's love of Watchmen is legendary.  After all, the man has easily logged over 30 hours speaking on the this title alone on various podcasts over the last decade!  So it is little wonder that it took nearly 250 issues of this show for he and Andrew farmer to devote another hour to the topic. 

With the groundbreaking mini-series nearing its 30th anniversary, the phenomenon that the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons opus has spawned, likely much to Moore's disdain.  So this issue is devoted to the overall Watchmen experience.  Beyond the comic book (and its myriad reprints in various formats) lies a history as the "unfilmable comic book story", a successful feature film, sporadic merchandising, prequel comics, and a future works that would never have been imagined back in the 80s.  


Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" joins your hosts as they explore comics, movies, toys, more comics, and animation in the context of the overarching success of Watchmen.  Discover why this title has particular significance to the Houstons, learn the curious history of the long road to the cinema, and find out about plans for the property at DC Comics and Warner Brothers.


Who watches the watchmen?  "Hey Kids, Comics!" does!