Hey Kids, Comics! #268 - Rogue-ish I's II: Tangled Web - Part 2: Thinking Outside the Sandbox


William Baker (a.k.a. Flint Marko) is one of the more unique Spider-Man villains.  Sometimes the tortured soul with tremendous potential for redemption, sometimes a ruthless criminal serving his own selfish ends.  The ideal character to profile as Rogue-ish I's II:  Tangled Web continues.


Your hosts Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston dig into Sandman and his curious history as villain and hero in this week's issue of the show.   Joining them in this discussion is comic historian and gentleman scholar Weldon Adams, an popular occasional guest of the show.


Expect some interesting observations and insights into Marvel character who often goes overlooked by fans in general.  With the kind of history he brings to bear, Sandman should really enjoy the level of notoriety shared by the likes of Venom, Green Goblin, and Kingpin.


And with a cinematic pedigree, the big screen incarnation is also explored.