Hey Kids, Comics! #269 - Rogue-ish I's II: Tangled Web Part 3: Well Armed


Eight is enough...when it comes to limbs when you are Doctor Otto Octavius!  As Rogue-ish I's II continues, Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston put Dr. Octopus in the spotlight as one of the more curious and compelling of Spider-Man's arch nemeses.  


This week they are joined by The Rantcor Pit Live's infamous intern, Stephen Fett!  Lacking much foreknowledge of the character (and brought in as a guest to his surprise), Stephen does manage to get the feel for this great Spidey villain during the course of the show and brings his own unique insights in the end.


As one of the most storied of this collection of rogues, Doc Ock proved a fascinating subject and inspired a level of passion in Andy that is rarely exhibited in an issue of the show.  Cole and Stephen get their observations in, of course, but you must be prepared for an impromptu "Defending the Ock Man" with this one!


All of this and Alfred Molina's amazing cinematic outing as Doctor Octopus!   Give it a listen!