Hey Kids, Comics! #270 - Rogue-ish I's II: Tangled Web Part 4: Animal Kingdom


It's a jungle out there!  Especially if you are that Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and your personal rogues gallery consists of so many villains who sport the names of animals!


Insects, mammals, reptiles, birds!  Almost every type of animal in the catalog wound up being the namesake of a Spidey villain at some point.  This week Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston, along with special guest Eddie Medina (of The Rantcor Pit) tackle the better part of this menagerie of evil.


With so many characters to cover, certain criteria had to be met.  Characters were carefully selected, leaving some seeming obvious (and even some not-so-obvious ones) out of the mix.  Expect to hear about the heaviest hitters and the more well known of the critter-themed foes with the odd honorable mention as well.