The Rantcor Pit #71 - When Lucas Got Hammered

Note:  When originally recorded, this episode was mistakenly referred to as #70.

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JediCole and Eddie are back again!  Bringing you their unique take on "The Star Wars", this outing they take a look at the Hammer Horror film connection to the Saga through two iconic actors.

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The Rantcor spotlight falls on  Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as "Your Favorite Star Wars Guys" are joined by Hammer Films fan and Grand Moff Tarkin enthusiast Eric Shirey.

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With tremendous insight into the shared history of Lee and Cushing as perpetual stars of England's Hammer Studios productions, this episode's guest helps illustrate the perfect casting of two of Star Wars' greatest villains. 

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With a strong focus on the actors and their careers, more so than the characters they portrayed, this episode proved to be lively and informative - illustrating why both Cushing and Lee were ideal choices by George Lucas when bringing his creations to life.

Frankenstein's Monster invoking comparison unintended...

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