Hey Kids, Comics! #307 - What Did We Just See?: The Marvelous Ms. Danvers

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Welcome at last to chapter two of “What Did We Just See?”, the story arc in which Andrew Farmer and Cole Houston discuss recently released movies and television shows that they have seen. And this week it’s all about Captain Marvel!

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Joining your hosts is none other than show favorite guest Kelly Long, bringing her amazing insights and smart-brain powers to the show. The role of this pivotal character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here history, and place as an icon of strong female characters in movies are all part of the mix, with so much more as well.

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Fan favorite Marvel chestnut, the Kree-Skrull War plays heavily into the discussion as a major plot point and the introduction of the shape-shifting extraterrestrials into the greater MCU. This and, of course, the de-aging of Fury and Colson, the various references to the history of the characters, and Goose!

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Be forewarned, this issue is spoiler rich! No secrets are being held back as the conversation you are about to hear. So go see Captain Marvel then return here and enjoy the fun!

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