Hey Kids Comics Holiday Hoedown!

Hey There Fearless Flyers of the Internet Radio Waves!

In light of the impending holiday, Hey Kids, Comics! is going to be taking a week off.  Instead of a new show, I thought we would address a question that we receive often out at the HKC mobile, subarctic, extraterrainial, recording studio.  We had gotten a great many inquiries as to what our favorite shows are.  We will be handling that question today, as the requisite forms have been signed in triplicate. Here are some of our recent picks.  Let's start where we most often don't, at the first pick.

Hey Kids, Comics! #81 - Cryptids and Comics: The Lost Issue

 This was an incredibly fun show to do.  We didn't have time to plan out what we actually wanted to do, but those always turn out the best.  The idea of doing a pseudo radio drama came to us about 20 minutes before the recording started, and we had to mesh all these ideas into a show with nothing more than the idea of what we wanted it to be.  Eddie and Colleen came through big time, and that just proves what we always say here...never underestimate the improv skills of a paranormal investigator!  The 11:59th hour addition of the secret cameo was really the icing on the cake.  It was a great topic, made greater by a group idea that came all the way through!

Hey Kids, Comics! #66 - Hey Comics! What's For Supper?!

 One of the things that we really like to do at Hey Kids, Comics! is to attempt to test or "stump" each other.  When choosing topics, we usually have have a few that we think just can't be done; that no matter how much research we do, or how creative we are, there is no way that we can pull an hour out of that idea.  Invariably, we end up with a show that we both adore, and #66 is among the favorites of our stumpers.  The addition of our old friend and podmate, Rick Gutierrez, made it all the better.  You can check out his show (that both Cole and Andrew appear on) over at unitedstatesofgeekdom.com

Hey Kids, Comics! #61 - Deconstructing Comics: To Prove a Villain

When we got together to start this show, we didn't want to do a comics review show.  There are a ton of places to get that information.  We set out to do a show that we hadn't heard before, a single topic show about overarching ideas and extrapolated errata, and other nonsense that we so often would kick back and forth.  Quickly we realized that we could, in honor of the comic book practice, do 5 issue "story arcs" on some of the themes that we would put forth.  These often come from a single issue idea, that is followed with one of the team, in a Brian Blessed Bravado, proclaiming that "we can go 5 issues on that. "  Deconstructing Comics was one of those arcs, and this issue stood out from the crop for us, if for no other reason than Cole dropped a bomb shell of a villian on us, that still reverberates around the JCU today.  

There you have it, three of our favorite recent episodes.  We invite you to take a listen to all we have to offer at the JCU.  A lot of heart and soul go into all of these shows, and it is reflected in the passion of the stories they tell.  Thank you all for everything you have done for Hey Kids, Comics and The Jedicole Universe, and we will see you next week with a brand spankin' new show!