Hey Kids, Comics! - The Back Issue Bin

 Hey kids!  This week Andrew and Cole are taking a much needed break before the holidays so, as announced, there is not scheduled episode of Hey Kids, Comics!  But it occurred to us that many people have only recently discovered this show and, like finding a new comic title already in progress, they might enjoy catching up on the previous issues. 

To that end we present The Back Issue Bin, a chance to catch up on every single issue of HKC! released to date.  From the surprisingly concise #0 issue in which we sought our footing to the first issues of the current story arc, "Sensing Comics" you can peruse and download the 19 issue run thus far in one easy to find location.  And next week we will return with the penultimate issue of the current story arc.  We hope you will join us and in the mean time enjoy some of our earlier work.
Thank you,
Andrew Farmer - Host and Creator of Hey Kids, Comics! 
Cole Houston - Co-Host and Producer of Hey Kids, Comics!
Almond Puppycuddles - Dog/Hamster Hybrid of HKC! Labs

The Back Issue Bin


Coming Soon:
#19 Sensing Comics: Did You Just Hear Something? (11/28/12)
#20 Sensing Comics: Something Tells Me I’m Smelling Something Good (12/5/12)

You never know what you will find in a back issue bin!